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中国门户网站搜索引擎 China portal Search Engine

Portal and Search engine from China.

The largest and most popular China's portal : )是中国最大的中整合新闻,互动社区,娱乐产品和广泛使用的基本服务的门户网站。


通过其广泛的实时新闻报道和信息和娱乐服务等全方位的网站提供了丰富的,创造性的在线生活的互联网用户上亿人。 ( ) is China's largest portal in Chinese integrating news, interactive communities, entertainment products and widely-used basic services.

The website serves Chinese users around the world and is dedicated to becoming trend-setting and main-stream internet media platform with the greatest communication capacity and interactivity.

Through its broad real-time news coverage and full range of information and entertainment services, the website provides a rich and creative online life to hundreds of millions of Internet users. 

The largest and most popular China's search engine : ( ),腾讯的搜索引擎网站,正式发布 2006 年 3 月开始运作。如今,它已成为最流行的三个在中国网民的搜索引擎之一。 主要是提供实用和方便的搜索服务的网民。同时,还承担腾讯的所有搜索服务,并构成了腾讯的在线生活战略的重要组成部分。

目前, 主要提供超过16搜索产品和包括网站,图片,音乐服务,博客,新闻和视频搜索,以及优秀的知识搜索服务:文文和 Baike,社区服务:专。同时, 将致力于建设一个精致,个性化,以社区为基础,创新的搜索平台,提供一个简单的人,轻松和高品质的生活方式和为客户创造最大价值。 ( ) , Tencent's search engine website, was officially released and started operation in March 2006. It has now become one of the three most popular search engines for netizens in China. mainly provides netizens with practical and convenient search services. Meanwhile, it also undertakes Tencent's all search services and constitutes an important part of Tencent's online life strategy.

Currently, mainly provides more than 16 search products and services, including website, image, music, blog, news and video search, as well as the outstanding knowledge search services: Wenwen and Baike, and the community service: Post. Meanwhile, will commit to building a refined, personalized, community-based and innovative search platform to provide people with a simple, relaxed and high-quality lifestyle and create maximum values for customers.

(Text from Tencent website).

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